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Four part graphic of man with hammer cracking open spheres, moves on to next, then taps third, which says "thunk"

What is a “particle”?

Quantum physics says everything is made of particles, but what does that actually mean?

Group of four singers playing guitar singing "we are stardust" with low-mass particle above

Low-mass particles that make high-mass stars go boom

Simulations are key to showing how neutrinos help stars go supernova.

EXO collaboration

EXO-200 resumes its underground quest

The upgraded experiment aims to discover if neutrinos are their own antiparticles.

Photo of post it notes with lines on board of a GUT feeling about physics

A GUT feeling about physics

Scientists want to connect the fundamental forces of nature in one Grand Unified Theory.

Illustration of yellow explosion with cat, electricity tower, scan, and branches

Eight things you might not know about light

Light is all around us, but how much do you really know about the photons speeding past you?

Illustration of the solar system

Six weighty facts about gravity

Perplexed by gravity? Don’t let it get you down.

Photo of belle II at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Belle II and the matter of antimatter

Go inside the new detector looking for why we’re here.

Photo by Steffen Richter of BICEP3

Dusting for the fingerprint of inflation with BICEP3

A new experiment at the South Pole picks up where BICEP2 left off.

KM3NeT header

Casting a net for neutrinos

The KM3NeT experiment will catch the elusive particles using the Mediterranean Sea.

Neutrinos on a seesaw

Neutrinos on a seesaw

A possible explanation for the lightness of neutrinos could help answer some big questions about the universe.