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How particle physics can save your life

From new medicines to cancer treatment, the tools of particle physics play an important role in hospitals around the world.

Photo of ATLAS mural

The hunt for microscopic black holes

Finding micro black holes at the LHC would alert scientists to the existence of extra dimensions, which might explain why gravity seems so weak.

Photo of CERN aerial

US program at CERN broadens undergrads' horizons

A research program at CERN for US undergraduates lets students test-drive a career in particle physics.

Feature of Bill Fontana "Acoustic Time Travel"

CERN artist-in-residence develops ear for physics

Sound artist Bill Fontana taps into the music of the Large Hadron Collider.

Illustration of force carriers

Force carriers

Particles communicate with one another through force carriers.

Photo of LARP magnet

Future LHC super-magnets pass muster

Scientists in the US LHC Accelerator Research Program have successfully tested superconducting magnets needed to increase LHC collisions tenfold.

Photo of John Ellis

The march of the penguin diagrams

More than 30 years ago, a physicist honored a bet by naming a particle decay diagram after an aquatic bird.

Image of early Z boson

Three decades of the Z

Thirty years ago this month, CERN scientists announced the discovery of the Z boson, an elusive elementary particle that transmits the weak force.

Illustration of 6 CMS Banners

A banner day at the LHC

An artist honors the people and science of the CMS collaboration.

Photo of CMS detector below

Smallest lab-made drop of liquid might cause strange particle behavior

A new result from the CMS collaboration takes a step toward revealing the origin of the mysterious ‘ridge effect.’