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Photo of Daya Bay

Sterile neutrino search hits roadblock at reactors

A new result from the Daya Bay collaboration reveals both limitations and strengths of experiments studying antineutrinos at nuclear reactors.

Particles in love in space surrounded by colored dots in the shape of a heart

Physics love poems

Advance your romance with science.

Illustration of two particles wearing space helmets meeting in a cloud of dark matter

Physics love poem challenge

Think you can do better than the Symmetry staff? Send us your poems!

STOMP performers drum on a retired LHC cavity


A group known for making music with everyday objects recently got their hands on some extraordinary props.

Illustration of two neutrinos on guess my weight scales, third one about to get on

How heavy is a neutrino?

The question is more complicated than it seems.

Researchers Make Progress in the Hunt for Dark Matter Through Space Station Particle Detector

A syllabus in cosmic rays

What have scientists learned in five years of studying cosmic rays with the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer experiment?

Physics based spoof posters

It came from the physics lab

Settle in for a physics-themed Halloween movie marathon.

Image of SUSY cognac

Winners declared in SUSY bet

Physicists exchanged cognac in Copenhagen at the conclusion of a bet about supersymmetry and the LHC.

Image of Ice Cube art

Sterile neutrinos in trouble

The IceCube experiment reports ruling out to a high degree of certainty the existence of a theoretical low-mass sterile neutrino.

Photo of bullet cluster

The Atomki anomaly

A result from an experiment in Hungary catches the attention of a group of theorists in the United States.