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Image: SLAC Vacuum Microwave Device Division

Video: Making an accelerator run


You're invited behind the scenes to see where klystrons, the devices that power particle accelerators, are born.

Every year, particle accelerators play an essential role in scientific discovery, industry and even medicine. But what does it take to make an accelerator run? This video, produced by SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, takes you into the department that builds klystrons, the devices that propel particles to nearly the speed of light within SLAC’s accelerators. 

Originally designed over 50 years ago to power SLAC’s 2-mile-long linear accelerator, klystrons are now used to power accelerators all around the world. SLAC’s vacuum microwave device department continues to develop the most cutting-edge technology for machines in the United States, Italy, Switzerland and more. Their goal, says department leader Andy Haase, is to deliver the devices that physicists need to do their work.


SLAC All Access: Vacuum Microwave Device Division