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Header: Another year wiser
Illustration by Corinne Mucha

Another year wiser


In honor of Fermilab’s upcoming 50th birthday, Symmetry presents physics birthday cards.

Some say there are five fundamental interactions: gravitational, electromagnetic, strong, weak and the exchange of birthday greetings on Facebook. But even if you prefer paper to pixels, Symmetry is here to help you celebrate another year. Try these five physics birthday cards, available as both gifs and printable PDFs.

Like two beams of particles in the Large Hadron Collider, your lives intersected. Tell a friend you’re grateful:

Have a smashing birthday!
Artwork by Corinne Mucha

Like a neutrino, they may change over time, but you still appreciate their friendship:

You're basically unstoppable. Happy Birthday!
Artwork by Corinne Mucha

Whether it's dark energy or another force that pushes them forward, it’s an honor to see them grow: ​

You expand my horizons. Happy Birthday!
Artwork by Corinne Mucha

Let them know that, like dark matter, good friends can be hard to find:​

I'm glad you're part of the observable universe. Happy Birthday!
Artwork by Corinne Mucha

And you’re so glad that, like a long-sought gravitational wave or a Higgs boson, they finally appeared:​

I'm glad I discovered you. Happy Birthday!
Artwork by Corinne Mucha

Can’t wait to send your first card? We happen to know of a laboratory with a big day coming up on June 15.

PO Box 500, MS 206
Batavia, IL 60510-5011

(Or reach them on Facebook.)

Print setting recommendations:

Paper Size: Letter
Scale: 100 percent

How to fold your card:

Fold your 8.5 x 11 inch paper in half on the horizontal axis, then fold in half again on the vertical axis. Voilà!

Inline 6: Another year wiser
Artwork by Sandbox Studio, Chicago