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A whole-Earth approach

Ecologist John Harte applies principles from his former life as a physicist to his work trying to save the planet.


Rare isotopes facility underway at Michigan State

In July 140 truckloads of concrete arrived at Michigan State University to begin construction of the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams.


Helping cancer treatment hit its mark

A prototype CT scanner could improve targeting accuracy in proton therapy treatment.


A physicist in the neurobiology lab

After 10 years as a theoretical particle physicist, Larry Abbott discovered a new passion.


Computing power for all

The Open Science Grid enables faster, more efficient analysis of LHC data—and also contributes to advancements in fields from geology to medicine.


The art of back-of-the-envelope calculations

Students estimate their way through pop culture problems to learn a life skill.


Science and nature

Although the view has changed, Lucy de Barbaro still looks at life through the lens of physics.


Beam on: My father’s fight with cancer

After working with particle accelerators his entire professional career, Heather Rock Woods’ father placed himself in the path of a beam to fight cancer.


Physicist turned ‘rocket man’ looks to the sky with SpaceX

Sam Waldman uses skills gained through physics research to ensure safe travels for the Dragon spacecraft.


Building artificial body parts with particle beams

Companies are using an electron-beam 3-D printing process to manufacture medical implants.


Meet the next director of TRIUMF

In July, Johns Hopkins University physicist Jonathan Bagger will begin a six-year term as director of TRIUMF laboratory in Vancouver.


Massive thoughts

The Higgs boson and the neutrino fascinate the general public and particle physicists alike. Why is that?


DECam pinpoints asteroid

When weather prevented other telescopes from tracking a potentially hazardous asteroid, the Dark Energy Camera stepped in.


Statistically significant

Michelangelo D’Agostino taps his physics ingenuity daily as a data scientist.


A second chance at sight

Silicon microstrip detectors, a staple in particle physics experiments, provide information that may be critical to restoring vision to some who lost it.


Particle accelerators join fight against brain cancer

Accelerator technology could be key to developing an effective treatment for a type of brain tumor currently considered incurable.