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dimensions of particle physics

dimensions of particle physics

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E.g., Friday, April 18, 2014
E.g., Friday, April 18, 2014
April 2014
signal to background: Not just old codgers
letter: Letter to the editor: Oldest light?
feature: Ten things you might not know about particle accelerators
breaking: CERN's LHCb experiment sees exotic particle
breaking: Tufte’s Feynman sculptures come to Fermilab
breaking: From quark soup to ordinary matter
day in the life: Searching for the holographic universe
breaking: Expanding universe measured with precision
breaking: LHC begins long road to restart
breaking: Possible hints of dark matter in Fermi data
feature: The oldest light in the universe

March 2014
signal to background: 30 years of inter-American collaboration
signal to background: Particle detector connects two generations
feature: Superheroes and particle physics: the dynamic duo
signal to background: Accelerator, stonewashed
feature: Many hands enable discovery of cosmic inflation
breaking: LHC and Tevatron share first joint result
deconstruction: Particle physics in the United States
breaking: Physicists find evidence of cosmic inflation
gallery: Art at the Australian Synchrotron
breaking: Klystrons for industry
feature: The Instrumentation Frontier
signal to background: Start spreading the SNEWS
signal to background: Physics by hand
feature: There’s an app for that
breaking: ‘Particle Fever’ opens in the US

February 2014
breaking: CDMS result covers new ground in search for dark matter
signal to background: CERN challenges students to design experiment
gallery: Imagine the beam
signal to background: DECam pinpoints asteroid
breaking: Scientists complete the top quark puzzle
breaking: ‘Black widow’ pulsars consume their mates
day in the life: Statistically significant
breaking: Cosmic rays on demand
signal to background: BaBar still breaking new ground
breaking: Particle physics enthusiast ties for gold
breaking: NOvA sees first long-distance neutrinos
breaking: Quarks in the looking glass
signal to background: #FollowFriday IV: Physicists to follow on Twitter
signal to background: Virtual field trips take students into the labs
signal to background: Couple's history intertwined with 60 years of CERN
application: A second chance at sight

January 2014
signal to background: #FollowFriday III: Physicists to follow on Twitter
signal to background: Watch the next big neutrino experiment come together
breaking: A new dark-energy detector on the horizon
explain it in 60 seconds: Quantum entanglement
signal to background: #FollowFriday II: Physicists to follow on Twitter
signal to background: Labs work together toward high-luminosity LHC
breaking: First beam of antihydrogen atoms produced at CERN
signal to background: #FollowFriday: Physicists to follow on Twitter
feature: Learn like a scientist
breaking: Scientists pinpoint 'very peculiar' pulsar
signal to background: Citizen scientists discover hidden galaxies at record speed
breaking: Former CMS deputy takes reins of experiment
breaking: Astrophysicists use lens to study black-hole jet
application: Particle accelerators join fight against brain cancer
signal to background: Physicists harness the power of probability

December 2013
breaking: Physicists look toward the high-energy horizon
signal to background: Santa at nearly the speed of light
breaking: CERN’s Lego scavenger hunt
breaking: The value of fundamental research
feature: Four things you might not know about dark matter
breaking: Mu2e attracts magnet experts
day in the life: Neutrino detector block
signal to background: Exhibit brings the LHC to London
day in the life: The scale of things
breaking: Chinese collider expands particle zoo
breaking: US particle physicists look to space
breaking: 10 journals to go open-access in 2014
breaking: First particle-antiparticle collider now historic site
essay: Reading in the Higgs era
explain it in 60 seconds: Baryonic acoustic oscillations

November 2013
signal to background: The world’s oldest astronomers
feature: The early universe
signal to background: What’s in a name?
signal to background: Mock data, real science
breaking: Cosmic explosion calls theory into question
day in the life: Building NOvA
feature: Connecting the visible universe with dark matter
signal to background: Scribing science
day in the life: Scientist detects danger with physics
breaking: SeaQuest seeks the secrets of the proton
signal to background: How to make CERN’s most delicious detector
logbook: Ultra-high-energy neutrinos
signal to background: Computer tennis, anyone?
breaking: Answers to big questions could lie in small particles
application: How particle physics can save your life
signal to background: New planetarium show lights up the dark
breaking: Planning for future of US particle physics moves ahead

October 2013
editorial: The future of US particle physics
breaking: Cosmos seeded with heavy elements during youth
breaking: First LUX result negates previous possible dark-matter sighting
feature: Why particle physics matters
commentary: The big questions
letter: There’s a name for that
gallery: Unanswered questions
signal to background: CERN experiment aids climate research
signal to background: Young physicists step up
signal to background: Tweetup welcomes virtual audience to CERN
breaking: Nobel Prize in physics honors prediction of Higgs boson