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dimensions of particle physics

dimensions of particle physics

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E.g., Monday, October 20, 2014
E.g., Monday, October 20, 2014
October 2014
breaking: Transatlantic data-transfer gets a boost
signal to background: High schoolers try high-powered physics
signal to background: Top quark still raising questions
signal to background: Jokes for nerds
signal to background: Q&A: Katherine Freese
signal to background: ‘CERN People’ tells it like it is
signal to background: Science Hack Day
breaking: 500-mile neutrino experiment up and running
feature: To catch a gravitational wave
breaking: Daya Bay places new limit on sterile neutrinos

September 2014
feature: Accelerating the fight against cancer
breaking: CERN turns 60
signal to background: CERN gets new Guinness World Records title
feature: When research worlds collide
breaking: Cosmic dust proves prevalent
breaking: Pursuit of dark matter progresses at AMS
signal to background: XKCD creator answers ‘What if?’
feature: Science gets social
signal to background: Sci-fi writers, scientists imagine the future
day in the life: Astrophysics at the edge of the Earth
essay: What Hawking really meant
signal to background: True tales of science
deconstruction: Forecasting the future
signal to background: Watching ‘the clock’ at the LHC
feature: Detectors in daily life

August 2014
signal to background: Massive neutrino experiment proposed in China
feature: Particle physics to aid nuclear cleanup
breaking: First measurement of sun’s real-time energy
breaking: Holographic universe experiment begins
signal to background: LHC physicist takes on new type of collisions
day in the life: A whole-Earth approach
breaking: Dark Energy Survey kicks off second season
signal to background: LHC research, presented in tangible tidbits
breaking: Rare isotopes facility underway at Michigan State
signal to background: New game trades clicks for physics discoveries
breaking: Open access to the universe
signal to background: Science on demand
signal to background: Neutrino researchers pull double duty
feature: Using the Higgs boson to search for clues

July 2014
feature: Partnership generates bright ideas for photon science
signal to background: NOvA detector takes shape
signal to background: How to weigh a galaxy cluster
signal to background: Exploratorium exhibit reveals the invisible
application: Helping cancer treatment hit its mark
signal to background: Scientists set aside rivalry to preserve knowledge
signal to background: Science inspires at Sanford Lab’s Neutrino Day
feature: The machine learning community takes on the Higgs
breaking: US reveals its next generation of dark matter experiments
day in the life: A physicist in the neurobiology lab
signal to background: What’s next for Higgs boson research?
signal to background: Physicist shares do-it-yourself expertise online
feature: Waiting for supernova

June 2014
signal to background: Getting the jump on big data for LSST
signal to background: Measuring the lifetime of the Higgs boson
application: Computing power for all
breaking: Massive neutrino detector moved into place
breaking: Higgs boson shows scientists new tricks
signal to background: The art of back-of-the-envelope calculations
day in the life: Science and nature
logbook: The supersymmetric bet
breaking: Researchers imagine the accelerators of the future
explain it in 60 seconds: Wave-particle duality
signal to background: Science and diplomacy: Q&A with William Colglazier
breaking: CERN announces winners of student research competition
breaking: LHCb glimpses possible sign of new physics
breaking: EXO experiment searches for exotic decay
breaking: MINOS result narrows field for sterile neutrinos
application: Beam on: My father’s fight with cancer
signal to background: More than math

May 2014
breaking: A new heart for the ATLAS detector
signal to background: Q&A: Rick Field, the physicist in the family
signal to background: The physics of dance
breaking: Proposed plan for the future of US particle physics
day in the life: Physicist turned ‘rocket man’ looks to the sky with SpaceX
breaking: Coming soon: Plan for the future of US particle physics
signal to background: The search for dark matter at the LHC
signal to background: Long-distance neutrino search
application: Building artificial body parts with particle beams
breaking: Planck reveals galactic fingerprint
signal to background: Science fiction or science fact?
signal to background: Saving the Feynman van
essay: The twin paradox
logbook: NOvA’s first neutrino
signal to background: Scientists to map universe in 3-D HD
signal to background: A tinkerer models a cosmic camera
signal to background: Keeping things awesome on the Dark Energy Survey

April 2014
breaking: Possible expansion for South Pole detector
essay: The ‘Cosmos’ connection
signal to background: Meet the next director of TRIUMF
signal to background: Research abroad, CERN style
commentary: Massive thoughts
signal to background: A ‘crack in the cosmic egg’
day in the life: Documenting the development of discovery
signal to background: Tracking particles faster at the LHC
signal to background: Is the universe balanced on a pinhead?
signal to background: Not just old codgers
letter: Letter to the editor: Oldest light?
feature: Ten things you might not know about particle accelerators
breaking: CERN’s LHCb experiment sees exotic particle
breaking: Tufte’s Feynman sculptures come to Fermilab