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CERN grants beam time to students

Contest winners will study special relativity and an Egyptian pyramid using a CERN beamline.


With dark matter, dark energy, phantom matter and even a dark force, physics news can sometimes sound like the voiceover for a superhero movie. 

UC Berkeley

The most precise measurement yet of how fast the universe is expanding doesn’t agree with predictions.

LA Times

"The fundamental purpose of science is to enrich the human spirit."

Winners declared in SUSY bet


Physicists exchanged cognac in Copenhagen at the conclusion of a bet about supersymmetry and the LHC.


How to wrangle a particle

Learn some particle accelerator basics from a Fermilab accelerator operator.


The booming science of dwarf galaxies

A recent uptick in the discovery of the smallest, oldest galaxies benefits studies of dark matter, galaxy formation and the evolution of the universe.  


Festive physicists

What’s it like working on experiments over the holidays?


Physics books of 2015

A tour of 10 of this year’s popular science books delivers dark matter, black holes and a hefty dose of Einstein.


Photowalk winners announced

An international jury and more than 3800 public votes determined the winners of this year's Global Physics Photowalk competition.


The next gamma-ray eye on the sky

Scientists have successfully tested the first prototype camera for the Cherenkov Telescope Array.


Save the particles

To learn more about the particles they collide, physicists turn their attention to a less destructive type of collision in the LHC.


Fermilab brings in new artist-in-residence

Chicago innovator Ellen Sandor will create new works based on her experiences at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory.