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The advance could open the way to portable neutrino detectors that could monitor nuclear facilities.

Ars Technica

We’re actually able to detect a bump from the lightest particle we know of.

Chicago Tribune

The ICARUS detector arrived at Fermilab on July 26.


Watch the underground groundbreaking

This afternoon, watch a livestream of the start of excavation for the future home of the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment.

QuarkNet takes on solar eclipse science


High school students nationwide will study the effects of the solar eclipse on cosmic rays.


SLAC accelerator plans appear in Smithsonian art exhibit

The late artist June Schwarcz found inspiration in some unusual wrapping paper her husband brought home from the lab.



A new model for standards

In an upcoming refresh, particle physics will define units of measurement such as the meter, the kilogram and the second.


Quirks of the arXiv

Sometimes, physics papers turn funny.


When was the Higgs actually discovered?

The announcement on July 4 was just one part of the story. Take a peek behind the scenes of the discovery of the Higgs boson.


What’s really happening during an LHC collision?

It’s less of a collision and more of a symphony.


The rise of LIGO’s space-studying super-team

The era of multi-messenger astronomy promises rich rewards—and a steep learning curve.


Howie Day records love song to physics

After the musician learned that grad students at CERN had created a parody of his 2004 single “Collide,” he flew to Switzerland to sing it at the LHC.


African School works to develop local expertise

Universities in Africa are teaming up to offer free training to students interested in fundamental physics.