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CERN unveils new linear accelerator

Linac 4 will replace an older accelerator as the first step in the complex that includes the LHC.

New York Times

The Sesame institute is made up of physicists from several countries that rarely talk to one another but whose scientists are determined to collaborate.


Mystery glow of Milky Way likely not dark matter

According to the Fermi LAT collaboration, the galaxy’s excessive gamma-ray glow likely comes from pulsars, the remains of collapsed ancient stars.


The LHC has once again begun circulating beams of protons, for the first time this year.

First results from search for a dark light


The Heavy Photon Search at Jefferson Lab is looking for a hypothetical particle from a hidden “dark sector.”


Urban Sketchers visit Fermilab

The group brought their on-site drawing practice to the particle physics laboratory.


WIMPs in the dark matter wind

We know which way the dark matter wind should blow. Now we just have to find it.


Art intimates physics

Artist Chris Henschke’s latest piece inspired by particle physics mixes constancy with unpredictability, the natural with the synthetic.


How to make a discovery

Particle physics is a dance between theory and experiment.


A new gem inside the CMS detector

This month scientists embedded sophisticated new instruments in the heart of a Large Hadron Collider experiment.


High-energy visionary

Meet Hernán Quintana Godoy, a scientist who helped make Chile central to international astronomy.


Q&A: Dark matter next door?

Astrophysicists Eric Charles and Mattia Di Mauro discuss the surprising glow of our neighbor galaxy. 


The life of an accelerator

As it evolves, the SLAC linear accelerator illustrates some important technologies from the history of accelerator science.